A la carte  

A la carte

For lunch or for dinner, discover our specialities and branded meals. Find in your plat the spirit of Julien and all the quality and freshness of our products.

  Starters   €6.90 at €16.90

Duck foie gras, hot oyster Champagne and a traditional french onion soup with emmental: our chef strives to use the best products to bring you a selection of starters that may be light or indulgent, traditional or unexpected.


Cold hors d’œuvres
Julien’s deviled egg classic and with crab
Saveloy in dressing warm potato and herb salad
Duck foie gras in raw salt red onion compote in Banyuls vinegar
Salmon gravlax marinated in beetroot blinis and mascarpone dill cream
Burgundy parsley terrine
Hot hors d’œuvre
‘Creuse de Bretagne’ hot oysters Champagne zabaglione with crushed hazelnuts
Curly endive with pork rillons and croutons soft-boiled egg
Snail casserole garlic cream and baby vegetables
French onion soup with emmental


€6.90 at €16.90

  Main courses   €20.90 at €42.00

Meat or fish, traditional or contemporary, Julien will treat you to the full variety of its cuisine and let you choose your own experience. With passion and imagination, our Executive Chef uses the finest seasonal products to execute his recipes.

€20.90 at €42.00

“Hand-cut” of Limousine beef tartare salad and French fries
Pan-fried veal liver in raspberry vinegar mashed potatoes
Thin cut of pan-fried foie gras with Le Puy AOP green lentils in duck juice
Our beef stroganoff and paprika casserole chanterelles
French rabbit leg with Orleans mustard fresh pasta

In the XIXth century, “Rosts” meant roasted meat, separated into “big rosts” (beef, calf loin) and “small rosts” (chicken, partridge, woodcock).

Duo of Red Label Challans roasted quail in graps and served with potatoes
Chateaubriand steak grilled in choron sauce salad and French fries  

Lobster* & monkfish tureen bowl
shellfish sauce in Lillet and baby vegetables
Sole Meunière
wilted spinach and steamed potatoes
Salmon escalopes with fresh sorrel mashed potatoes
Ray wing from our shores cooked with capers fennel and orange stew
Sea bass filet roasted on its skin leeks fondue

* American lobster

  Desserts   €6.90 at €12.90

Give in to the temptation of the Profiteroles with warm «Valrhona» chocolate, Crêpes Suzette flambéed with imperial tangerine or a more simple seasonal dessert. Regardless of your choice, each dessert is an expression of tradition.

Country cottage cheese from the Viltain Farm with herbs or red fruit coulis


Crêpes Suzette flambéed in imperial tangerine
Profiteroles hot Valrhona chocolate sauce
Amber rum baba diplomate cream
Opera cake coffee custard
Three small cream pots vanilla - Valrhona chocolate - coffee chestnut - tree honey madeleines
Orchard sundae, seasonal fruit, red fruit coulis

Green apple sorbet and Vénérable Groult calvados
Poire Belle Hélène:

Pear, vanilla ice-cream, pear sorbet and whipped cream shredded almonds and hot Valrhona chocolate sauce
‘Belle Époque’ Gourmet Coffee: Coffee with 3 mini sweets
Julien’s Macaroon

€6.90 at €12.90

Net prices, included service. Alcohol is harmful to your health. Consume in moderation.